About Steve

Stephen has a deep passion for studying and learning about ancient cultures, focusing on how they farmed and survived through agriculture, religion, mythology, astronomy, history, and spirituality. He likes to do his research for his own understanding, never in this lifetime he thought he would write a book.  He enjoys watching shows on the History Channel, Gaia, and is particularly fascinated by Ancient Aliens or the idea that people existed and farmed over several thousand years ago with the knowledge they tried to pass down through the ages, but got lost over time, religions, and translations.

Stephen is intrigued by the idea that ancient cultures existed long before conventional timelines suggest. Understanding precession, he can demonstrate that the Fertility Wheel was created over 10,000 years ago, aligning perfectly with the stars over Mesopotamia at that time. Precession is a reliable and easily calculated phenomenon, supporting theories presented in many of these shows. Stephen hopes to share his insights on Ancient Aliens and Gaia, or through a TED Talk. His true intention is to show the people in the fertile crescent that their ancestors created a perpetual farmers’ almanac or Fertility Wheel.



This is the second most important tool to ancient people

Stephen also noticed the circles in Kabbalah and recognized it as a mathematical theory rather than a mere idea. He sees it as the second most important teaching tool, only surpassed by the multiplication of animals and the use of the Fertility Wheel. Somehow the value of this representation has been lost, I want to restore your history and destiny, Stephen aims to impart valuable agricultural knowledge to help current and future generations.

In his book, Stephen was guided to teach basic farming techniques globally, emphasizing the timing for growing various plants, including wheat and fruits. He plans to educate people on how to purify water and produce something to drink from fruit juice. Stephen will explore how many cultures revere the sun as a god and delve into agricultural references in various religions, ancient texts, and cultures. His goal is to bring comprehensive research to light, revealing how agriculture and farming have been integral to human history for millennia, often overlooked in modern interpretations.

When he is not conducting research or spending time with his consort and partner Holly, Stephen enjoys staying active through various sports. He loves playing pickleball, pool, and volleyball and is an avid cyclist, always eager to try any sport. In the evenings, when outdoor activities aren’t possible, he enjoys video games that require quick thinking and fast decisions, believing they help sharpen his cognitive skills over the long term. Stephen is also always up for a game of chess or poker, depending on the company.

Stephen grew up near farmland and he often visited his relatives and friends farms in Northern California, and as he got older, he continued to live near farmland, whether in Northern California or South Dakota. This upbringing instilled in him a strong understanding of farming and agriculture, especially the importance of timing—knowing when to mate the animals and that seeds must be sown at the right time of the year to grow properly.

Stephen’s passion for studying theology, myths, ancient cultures, and beliefs further enriched his knowledge. With access to a computer, he dedicated countless hours to researching farming and agriculture, combining this with his unique background and love for learning.

His breakthrough came when he read about how ancient cultures used the stars on the horizon to guide their agricultural tasks. Using a star tracker app, Stephen observed what was on the horizon and dove deeper into his research.

Stephen realized that he was at the exact lattitude and the stars in the sky showed the duties or tasks below. After years of meticulous study, he finally unlocked the mystery of the perpetual Farmer’s Almanac or Fertility Wheel, revealing an ancient system that harmonized celestial observations with agricultural practices.

Stephen learned about precession and that to see the stars correctly like he does, it would have been almost 10,000 years before in Turkey or Mesopotamia to see the stars that represent the tasks, bringing a entire new way to date the original zodiac.

Once you change the symbols to star signs and based on the seasons, everyone in the Northern hemisphere can read, align and understand the task at hand.

Here is a picture after Hollys yoga class, the cactus is real, the frog is not.

More about Steve and Holly


Holly and Stephen have been generously donating their time and money to a school in Mexico that supports individuals with special needs. For the past nine years, Stephen has dressed as Santa Claus, distributing toys, soccer balls, and more to the children. These gifts come from Holly and Stephen’s personal contributions as well as donations from Holly’s yoga class. Recognizing the profound needs of so many families, they felt compelled to help.

In 2024, Stephen launched a charity called Fellowship of the Fertility Wheel, aiming to bring internet access and its vast resources to families in rural areas or those who can’t afford it. They hope that with donations of a few dollars, old computers, laptops, or internet-ready devices, these families can gain opportunities to study, learn, and grow, ultimately improving their lives and making the world a little better. 

Go to Fotfw.org for more information.